Ransomware: Changing Every Day

There has been a dramatic uptick in ransomware activity in the last week. Unlike most previous ransomware that took advantage of users opening bad email attachments or bad links to kick off the malware, this recent wave has involved open ports on firewalls and weak passwords.


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Latest Global Ransomware Attack

New ransomware attack Petya hit computers around the globe last Tuesday. It is confirmed that it took advantage of the same vulnerability as WannaCry.

WannaCry in Review

You can imagine as an IT company, the cyber attack that successfully encrypted information in 150 countries over the weekend was a hot topic in our Monday morning meeting.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Can your employees spot a “phishy” email?

One of the most interesting aspects of cyber security is the fact that it’s not the technology you have in place that is most critical. It is the humans you have working for your organization. You can have the most robust firewall out there but if you have users that don’t know what to look for, or aren’t aware, all that technology won’t help much.


It is estimated that one in three businesses in NJ have been hit by Cryptolocker or other variants of ransomware in the last 18 months. These vary from small to mid-size and even larger organizations in the state. Are you prepared?

2016 IN REVIEW: Domain Cyber Security Report

The cyber world is constantly evolving. As we get better at defending our networks and data, the bad guys step up their game. Check out these stats on the state of cyber security for 2016. Cyber crime is the fastest growing economic crime in the world and it is affecting all industries from small businesses to large corporations.


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