Our job is to protect your organization so you can help more people.


Protecting your organization as you support our communities.

Domain Computer Services salutes the life-changing work that is done by non-profit organizations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We are grateful for the impact that you make on a daily basis, bettering our communities and our world.

There are unique struggles that come with running a non-profit organization. Are you having trouble with:

  • Coordination, communication, and cooperation
  • Employees who don’t have cyber security awareness or understand best practices
  • Guaranteeing that your confidential client and donor information is secure from a data breach.

We can secure your IT environment for you – all for a simple, monthly fee.

Cyber Security for Nonprofits NJAMHAA

Outsource for dependable and total Cyber Security for Nonprofits.

For a cyber security team that truly protects your organization,
contact our sales team at or call (888) 330-8808.

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